The Ninth Contributor!

by Midnight Freemason Contributor 
Bro. Robert Johnson 32°       

      Facebook is a crazy thing. About three or four years ago, I noticed this guy who always posted funny responses to whatever my wife had to say on Facebook. I mean hilarious stuff. So I finally asked my wife, “Who is this guy, Brian Schimian?”. She let me know he was actually a friend of her friend. 

My wife is a 911 dispatcher, and so she knows a ton of officers in the police departments and in the fire departments. Turns out this comedian, was in fact a fireman.  Needless to say, I friend requested the guy just to read his rants and funny comments. Thats all I had any interest in to be honest. 

Not a week goes by and I find out this guy was a Brother! “How funny!” I thought to myself. My wife had a good laugh, I believe she said something to the effect that Masons tend to find one another, and in this case it was true. So Bro. Brian and I became typical Facebook buddies, ranting and joking all the time. 

One day he posts that he needed to get rid of his brewing equipment and I laughed again. “One more thing we had in common” I said, but alas he was getting rid of his stuff. So I made a decent offer and he wouldn't take it. He said “That’s too much to charge a Brother.”. The next morning I met him at his home, packed my car with brewing supplies and equipment and went home to make some beer. 

We corresponded often, I even made a few custom antiqued clocks with the Square and Compasses on them leafed in gold, of which he bought two. He gave one to his dad, Worshipful Brother Butch Schimian and he kept one. 

A year later, Bro. Brian’s dad got sick and passed. It was a crazy and rough ride for him, as it would be for any of us who lost someone important. However one of the great things that came out of Brother Brian after his dads passing was that a dormant skill of writing awoke. 

Today, I am announcing that Brother Brian Schimian joins The Midnight Freemasons as it’s ninth regular contributor. Brian, as a friend, and a Brother I say thank you for accepting the invitation to write for us.



  1. Bro. Johnson, Thank You for the kind words and your work that you do in the name of Masonry. Thank You again for getting me into writing, this is all because of you. The way we came to meet was certainly in an interesting manner. I guess the smallest things that seem to happen everyday in our lives, the things we give no thought to hundreds of times a day, do still happen for a reason. And what a lesson in how small this world really is. Your wife is correct too, great men do tend to find each other.

    To Bro. Creason and the rest of the Contributors that were here before me, this was really a surprise and I still don't think I have wrapped my head around it. I have followed this blog for some time and never would have imagined being in the same league as all of you. Thank You.

    Lastly, none of this would be possible without someone to read what we write. Thanks for following what we do.

    Thank You all very much.