A Letter from the Editor

Greetings all!

Dan Gentry
     Over the last year or so, The Midnight Freemasons has grown into one of the most popular Masonic blogs around. This is due to the diversity of writers, opinions and viewpoints we are able to publish from week to week. In the beginning, there was Bro. Todd E. Creason, our founder. After some time, he invited a few to help out and now, we have a veritable staff of writers.

It's my job to schedule, compile, edit and write, but it's also my job to find talent. We have a few new writers who I would like to introduce. The first is Brother Daniel Gentry who comes to us from my very own district here in the 1st NE area of Illinois. The second is Brother Robert P. Lewis. Brother Lewis comes to us from the Great state of Texas.

Robert P. Lewis
Please welcome our new "official" contributors. I hope you enjoy their writings and their unique points of view. Our team is ever expanding, pulling in amazing talent. I'd ike to thank or writers for all their hard work over this last year. I'd also like to thank all the readers out there who read, share and comment on our articles.

Have a great week everyone. Stay on the level.

At your service,
Robert Johnson, PM