Mac Swengel's Book "The Plainston Chronicles"

At age 93, Dr. Swengel has published his first book.  It's a fictional narrative, and it is addictive.  He certainly knows how to tell a story.  It must run in the family--Dr. Swengel is my grandpa.  He wrote it decades ago, and with the assistance of my Aunt Marcia (who was also a member of the editorial staff  for "Famous American Freemasons Vol. II) he's finally finished it. 

AMAZON DESCRIPTION:  A book about educational reform could indeed be very pedantic and perhaps boring, but Dr. Swengel's "Plainston Chronicles" reads like an epic novel as his characters tell their stories in either letters written to each other or journal entries or editor's notes. Thus is the reader propelled through the narratives, following the trails and tribulations of the very real characters. "This should be made into a movie!" exclaimed a reader (PhD in Psychology). The book makes one want to immediately start such a school as Dr. Swengel envisions, as such a school addresses the whole child, not just "book larnin'." When children, at an early age, learn to care about and for their fellow students, this caring attitude carries through their life. Such a school is interactive with its community and impacts it in a very positive way. The effects ripple out even beyond the immediate community and could ultimately affect governments and the way nations are run. Hope springs anew that the world could indeed become a better place!

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