1,728.5 Miles & 48 Hours Later…

by Midnight Freemason Contributor
Bro. Brian Schimian

This should stand as notice:
Never Threaten A Mason With A Good Time.

Asking yourself why? Read on and see how you might just get what you are asking for, but be warned, Brotherhood abounds!

Friday, November 15th, around 7AM (CST) a Brother made mention on his Facebook status that he was going to be making a journey from his home in Maryland to the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Virginia (just outside D.C.) with his wife and brother the next day.

Shortly after seeing this, I made the comment that I was jealous. Visiting this one particular landmark was in fact a “bucket list” item of mine, and had been for some time. In other research that I had done, I had come across some items that were on display that had a profound connection to Bro. Washington’s life and death.

Unsuspectingly, the Brother, Bro. Rob Walk, offered his “more than welcome to join us” response.
Being that I am in the middle of the Country and he is not far from the Memorial, I
understand the “safety” in his response. After all, who could make such a journey on
such short notice, right? About an hour later, another Brother chimed in and made note
that he too was jealous of their upcoming trip. And he was certainly not out of the way.
That is about where the conversation stopped, in the open anyway.

The private messaging and texting fired up almost immediately. As it seemed,
everything about this opportunity was lined up with no effort. I was able to get my only
obligation (care for my dog) lined up and headed off to the store for the “essentials”
when contemplating an all night road trip. I also tossed my two 5 gallon gas cans in the
bed of my truck, just incase… By 9:30 P.M.,  I was in IL waiting for Bro. Johnson to get
home from work. I picked him up and onward we sped. Literally. If we wanted to make
the meeting time of 11:00AM (EST), we would have to shave some significant time from
the trip. It worked out as mathematically probable, so we went for it.

You see, there is a Masonic Symposium during the summer next year in Illinois, and
Bro. Walk has committed to journeying this way to attend. What better way to return the
Brotherhood, than for us to journey to him for the same.

A few fuel stops and “Chinese Fire Drills” later we were pulling into the George
Washington Masonic Memorial. At 10:52AM (EST). Perfect timing!

We met up with Bro. Walk, his wife & brother, and got our tickets for the guided tour.
Personally, it felt like we had always known each other. One of the many benefits of
Freemasonry, wherever you may travel, you are sure to have a Brother. The tour was
great. The artifacts did not disappoint. If anyone has the chance to make the journey to
this site, I highly recommend it. We saw 3 floors of the 9. I can’t help but wonder what
the other floors held.

Afterwards, we headed out for lunch together and said our goodbyes afterwards. They
were heading to check out some sites in DC and we were heading home. For whatever reason, the stars were aligned and this journey went off without a hitch. Well, we will see if I get any “nasty grams” from the PA Turnpike Authority… I dropped Bro. Johnson off at home before 5:00AM Sunday and made my way home.

My day had started Friday just before 6:00AM and was finally over Sunday at 5:55AM
as I backed my truck in to the garage after 1,728.5 miles. And some really good


Bro. Brian Schimian is Life of Member A.O. Fay #676 in Highland Park Illinois and the Medinah Shriners - Lake County Shrine Club. He was also the Past Master Counselor of DeMolay - Lakes Chapter in 1995. Brian is a husband and father of two. Bro. Brian is also the lead contributor to the Brothers In Arms blog, a pro 2nd Amendment blog page. "Start Square, Finish Level"


  1. Good God Almight, what a *great great* story!

    Much better story-teller than I am, Brother. Much better.

    I'll be sending pics to you both tomorrow as soon as I can upload them onto my parents' computer in Pennsylvania.

  2. It was a spectacular thing. We were able to travel and as far as I am concerned, certainly made a Masters wage. If only compensated in Brotherhood, it was plenty. I wouldn't change ANYTHING about it. Well, maybe adding a third to spread the driving time... There was one particular rest stop on the way home that was in the perfect spot for a 2 hr. nap...

    It was great to meet you, your wife and brother.

    Personally, this trip put the Cabletow & 24 inch Gauge in a different perspective.


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