The Lambskin

by Midnight Freemason Guest Contributor
Bro. Scott Lamb

I was standing on the checkerboard floor listening to a man I had never met. He was holding a white object that I had heard about and had even seen on the internet but never in person. 

My initiation into the fraternity had been great. The brothers had performed their parts without a hitch as far as I knew. It had been a solemn and spiritual affair. As Brother Hamilton looked at me he started with his lecture. 

Many things were going on at this time in my life, and all of the adversities that I had been through laid heavy on my mind. Up to this point I had lost a son, a grand daughter and a close friend that may as well have been my child. I had been looking for something that could ease my pain that I had been feeling for 15 years. I lost my son at a scout camp. A place where he should have been safe. Due to the carelessness of a "professional" leader he was killed in a tragic accident. This made no sense to me at all. I had lived my life as good as I could. I was a regular church goer and always tried to live a Christian life. I didn't understand why God would allow this to happen. My life had went on and I had felt for the most part that I had been just going through the motions.

Brother Hamilton started with the lines -- I now present you with a lambskin. It's the badge of a mason-- These words caught my attention. He was holding the apron up for me to see. He told me how ancient it was and how great an honor it was that he would be giving to me. As the speech went on I listened carefully to what he had to say, I think that there was some influence from the other side there for me. He went through explaining it, then came to the last part. -- when your  soul stands alone, before the Throne, may you hear my brother,  from the Judge Supreme, the welcome words: Well done though good and faithful servant; enter though into the joy of thy Lord.--I stood there with chills on my arms. For some reason those words were the words I needed to hear at that time. They spoke to my soul and calmed it. Even as I write these words, tears come to my eyes over the turmoil and anger  I had felt. They made me realize that this life is only temporary for any of us and those who have passed on are with our Maker. We are the ones left here that grieve because we can't be with them for awhile. I also came to the realization that I wanted to be worthy to hear those words from That Great Judge myself, how beautiful that would be. It humbled me to receive the Lambskin and made me take stock of my life and figure out how to become better.

Since that time I have had the honor of giving that lecture two times. The first time to my son and the second to an old dear friend of 35 years. It meant so much so much to me to be able to give that lecture. At that time I had found out that my father had terminal cancer. In fact he lived for about 5 weeks after his diagnosis. With this on my heart I gave the lecture but it was not from a feeling of sadness but one of thankfulness. It was an honor to say those same words to my son and my friend. 

What a great blessing we have to belong to a fraternity that meets on the level. Accepts a man for what he has in his heart. I have not been a Mason for a very long time at all but it is the vehicle that helped me to come back to be again the person that I set out to be.


Bro. Scott Lamb first became interested in Masonry when his son Andy was admitted to Shriners hospital in Salt Lake City. He recalls the great experience he had there. His son actually had 7 surgeries there and that experience is what drove his interest. He had studied freemasonry for quite awhile after that but has only been a Mason since February. He was initiated in February, and Raised on April 30, 2013. He is a member of Damascus #10 lodge in Provo, Utah. He is also a member of the El Kalah Shrine  He will be attending the 222nd reunion of the Orient of Utah. His son Andy is now a Master mason as well. They both feel a strong commitment to help the Shrine with their great work. Some additional information Brother Lamb found was that he is adopted and after researching his biological parents, found that his Birth father was a Master Mason with many accomplishments. His biological maternal grandfather was WM of his lodge and a Scottish Rite Mason as well. Scott was quoted as saying " I guess it is in my blood. I feel humbled and motivated to become as good a Mason as they were."


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