Wear It With Pride

by Midnight Freemasons Guest Contributor
S. Jeffrey Baine, 32° 
Since becoming a mason 25 years ago, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in lodge.  My boss at the time I went into lodge saw my enthusiasm for Masonry and at Christmas time gave me a bonus check for the strict purpose of buying a Masonic ring along with some vintage Masonic books.

I went to our local jewelry store found the ring that I liked and purchased it.  I have worn it ever since.  Even though I am no longer employed by that firm, I am extremely grateful for the gesture. People will noticed the ring, say they like it and want to know what type of ring it is (it's a Scottish Rite ring).  And, by the way, I wear it with double headed eagle facing me. 

I also wear a lapel pin, depending on my mood etc.  What happens to be handy will usually decide what pin I wear.  I only wear one pin on my lapel jacket.  I was taught to wear only one pin at a time. I am not knocking people who decorate their jackets with pins. It is interesting to note that people do look at what lapel pin you wear and the jewelry you wear.  They will come up to you and look very closely at the pin and make a remark about it and how they have a family member who belongs or some other type of comment, mostly positive.  However, there have been some negative comments over the years. 

What I am getting at is you never know where you will meet the next Mason on your travels.  I am the first person in my family to join lodge or so I thought.  When my grandfather died, I had a Masonic lapel pin on my suit jacket, which I always do.  A brother in-law to my grandfather came up to me after the funeral and told me that he belonged to a lodge and that he was a Past Master of  that lodge.  It was nice to know that there were other family members that were masons. 

Wear your lapel pins and rings with pride and the next person you meet might just be a member of the fraternity or the next person who wants to join.


S. Jeffrey Baine, 32° is a 25 year member and Past Master of Western Star Lodge #240 A.F. & A.M. Champaign, IL, SW of St. Joseph Lodge #970 A.F. & A.M. St. Joseph, IL and a member of Mahomet Lodge #220 A.F. & A.M Mahomet, IL. He is also a member of the Valley Danville A.A.S.R., Champaign Chapter #50 Royal Arch Masons, Urbana #19 Cryptic Masons and Urbana #16 Knights Templar and The Masonic Society.

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