Introducing Bro. Erik Marks

From the Editor
Robert H. Johnson

Over the past few months The Midnight Freemasons has had the honor of posting some great articles by our guest contributors. These contributors are Brothers, just like you, who've been compelled to put finger to keyboard in order to lay out and organize their ideas. The result is always thought provoking. 

This Morning I am pleased to announce that one such Brother has accepted an offer to become a regular contributor. As the title of this post announces, that man is Brother Erik Marks. I hope you all get a chance to read Bro. Marks' writings. As someone who is in the operational world of Mental Health, he brings a critical look, nay, a paramount look at Freemasonry.

Freemasonry is after all, a Mental discipline. We are building that temple not made with hands. As our ritual states, "...where no sound of iron tools was heard" (I'm paraphrasing, badly.). That temple is the mind, the body and the soul. Below is a listing of his recent writings here on the Midnight Freemasons along with his Masonic Bio. Welcome Bro. Marks!

Mindfulness and the Working Tools

Brother Erik A. Marks, 32ยบ, LICSW, is a clinical social worker whose usual vocation has been in the field of human services in a wide range of settings since 1990. He was raised in 2017 by his biologically younger Brother and then Worshipful Master in Alpha Lodge in Framingham, MA. You may contact brother Marks by email:

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