Portable Temples

by Midnight Freemason Contributor
Bro. Randy Sanders

While creating a presentation on Creating Sacred Spaces a few months ago, it came to me that we are our own portable sacred space. This was a bit of an epiphany in that several things came together, connecting a few more dots.

Freemasonry teaches representation of the Temple of Solomon, and esoteric anatomy points us down a more personal internal path where even Christianity teaches us that we should internalize and contemplate the same. Corinthians: "Don’t you know you are the temple of God?" Or for those who enjoy the King James version, this is from the year 1610 edition I found on the Internet: "Knowe yee not that yee are the Temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?"

If you're a serious student, scholar, or even practitioner of Christianity, shouldn't you take that literally as well as allegorically?

The sacred space within us travels with us. We don't simply leave the sacred space of our home, temple, or lodge to mix again with the world. We live that whole "mixing again" with the outside world, and we might want to focus a bit more on how we use our portable temple. It may well be impractical to cleanse a supermarket with sage or carry a censer around with incense, but we have alternatives that don't have to involve banishing rituals. We are Masons. We learn to invoke! We invoke the blessings of Deity before any serious undertakings, right?

So to cut to the chase, talk to your angels, or saints, or higher self. Invoke the blessings of the divine in all your doings as prescribed by the Masonic ritual. Understand that anywhere you go can be sacred, but it's up to you to apply that lesson in your own life. The moral lessons we learn in Freemasonry create the lens, and it's our lens with which we can see.

Bro. Randy

Bro. Randy and his wife Elyana live in O'Fallon, MO just outside of St. Louis. Randy earned a
Bachelors in Chemistry with an emphasis in Biochemistry, and he works in telecom IT. He volunteers his time as a professional and personal mentor, is an NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer, and enjoys competitive tactical pistol. He has a 30+ year background teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu, Chi Kung, and healing arts. Randy's Masonic bio includes lodge education officer of two blue lodges, running the Wentzville Lodge Book Club, active in York Rite AMD, Scottish Rite Valley of St. Louis co-librarian, Clerk of the Academy Of Reflection through the Valley of Guthrie, a trained facilitator for the Masonic Legacy Society. As a pre-COVID-19 pioneer in Masonic virtual education, Randy is an administrator of Refracted Light and an international presenter on esoteric topics. Randy enjoys facilitating and presenting Masonic esoteric education, and he hosts an open, weekly Masonic virtual Friday Happy Hour. Randy is an accomplished home chef, a certified barbecue judge, raises Great Pyrenees dogs, and enjoys travel and philosophy.

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