Pathway to the East

by Senior Midnight Freemason Contributor
Gregory J. Knott 33° 

The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of the State of Illinois has numerous programs to help the lodges and its membership.  One of these programs is called “Pathway to the East”.   It was developed by RWB Wayne Spooner and other brethren as a means to help prepare Master Masons who are or will be the Worshipful Master of their lodge.

I have already served as WM of two different lodges and am back in the chairs to serve a third lodge in the next couple of years.  So as I thought about taking the class, I wondered if you could teach this old dog new tricks?  After all, I was already experienced, what more would there be to learn.

However, I had heard many good things about this class and decided to sign up.   RWB Spooner was offering a virtual classroom opportunity and it fit nicely into my schedule.  The format was to spend two Saturdays for about five hours per session to cover the material.

Specifically covered in the course are five pillars:

• #1 - Management Style and Communication Skills

• #2 - Planning and Prioritization

• #3 - Managing Lodge Business Affairs

• #4 - Understanding Masonic Law

• #5 - Ritual Understanding and Exemplification

Materials were provided in advance for each session, giving you time in advance to review what was going to be covered.   Each pillar has both a lecture component and time to work during the class on topics such as putting together an annual lodge calendar of events, creating a budget, etc.  The pace of the class was just right and the materials were very thorough and extremely useful.

I learned many things in the class that I wish I had used in my previous rounds through the East.  At a recent meeting of Ogden Masonic Lodge No. 754, I brought up some of the things we covered and we will be utilizing them in helping to strengthen our lodge operations and activities.

Your grand lodge may have a similar class.  If they do, I highly encourage you to sign up and attend, you will find it well worth your investment of time.


Greg Knott is married to Brooke and has two adult children Riley and Hayden.  He hopes to have left the world better than he found it.

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