Down in Flames! Rejected . . . Again . . .

Oh, the agony!  Getting an agent is kind of like dating--sure you get your face slapped sometimes, but if you keep at it, eventually you'll learn what works.  But this rejection is useful--this isn't a form letter.  Tells me maybe I need to work on that query description again.

Thanks for thinking of me but I'm afraid the description isn't grabbing me by the lapels. It just doesn't sound like a good match for my list. I'm sorry; this business is so incredibly subjective and I need to feel the fire in the belly for a project in order to get on board. I do wish you the best of luck securing other representation.

This is the part writers have the hardest time with--rejection.  Somebody out there doesn't like what you spent a year, or two, or ten writing.  Rejection isn't a condemnation of your writing.  More often than not, it's about your presention.  You have to learn, adjust, and keep on going.  I need to figure out how to "grab him by the lapels" because I'm beginning to think what I sent him was weak.  I'll keep going--on to my next victim.


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