Valley of Danville Goes On the Road

Brubeck Fine Arts Center, Wabash Valley College
I had the great priviledge of accompanying the Valley of Danville to Wabash Valley College in Mount Carmel, Illinois on Saturday for the P. Duane Deputy Degree Day.  The Brubeck Fine Arts Center boasted a modern 900 seat theater with all the bells and whistles (including flat screen TV's backstage so actors in the wings can keep track of what was happening on stage).  

The weather wasn't very cooperative in the morning.  I was amongst the group that took a bus down, and it was quite the adventure getting down to Mount Carmel through the sleet and blowing snow.  But our driver had nerves of steel and delivered us safely.  Long day--the bus left at 5 a.m. and returned to Danville at 8 that evening.  Many of the cast members and crew went down the evening before to get set up and spent the night. 

There was a lot of great degree work done, and we all enjoyed a lot of laughs.  In the end, the Valley of Danville has twenty brand new Scottish Rite Masons in their Valley, so it was well worth the trip down.  It was a lot of work for the Valley Secretary, and the directors of those degrees to accomplish.  They basically took 5 stage plays, with all the costumes, props, and actors 150 miles south to be performed in a theater nobody was familiar with.  And they pulled it off brilliantly.   


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