Welcome to Walmart . . . Buy My Damned Book!

One Last Shot by Todd E. Creason at Wal-Mart!!!!
I'm sure there is a point in every writer's career that they realize they have finally made it.  I published my first book Famous American Freemasons in 2007, the second Famous American Freemasons: Volume II in 2009, the third A Freemason Said That?  Great Quotes of Famous Freemasons in 2010.  Those are all available on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, and have been featured in "selected" Barnes & Noble, Borders, Waldens (before they croaked), and many more (do a Google search, you'll find it).  But until today, I had never hit the mother load!  I have arrived!

Walmart!  It's true.  Right there next to the "As Seen On TV" Yoshi knives, and next to the liquor and cigarette aisle, in the "lie-bary" you'll find my newest release One Last Shot (released just three weeks ago) for the amazing low price of $11.97 (beware of the falling prices).  Now I haven't found it yet in my local Wal-Marts, but if you're in Murray, Kentucky . . .  Anyway, if you see it, buy it, because there is only probably two copies in the store.   

OK, so you're probably still better off buying it on Amazon, ordering it at your Barnes & Noble store, or downloading it to your Nook or Kindle, but if you see it, please send me a picture--especially if you can capture somebody sporting a mullet, wearing spandex or a tubetop reading it.  I'm about to break into the whole Costco/Sam's Club market.  I need all the marketing input I can get.



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