Our New Addition

We have some great talent here at "The Midnight Freemasons", and we have been through a lot in the past year. We increased our audience, we forged an amazing relationship with Cory Sigler and The Working Tools Magazine, and obviously we lost one of our own, Bro. L. Scott Niccum.

But in the tradition of the new year and forging ahead, it is my pleasure to introduce a new contributor. Brother Aaron Gardner was raised as a Master Mason in his hometown lodge of Flushing, Michigan. He has served active duty with the United States Army for the last 7 years in which he has become well traveled around the world. He is currently stationed in Lawton, Oklahoma where he is a member of Triangle Lodge #548. When Bro. Gardner is not defending the nation, he takes great pride in writing articles for his blog Celestial Brotherhood, writing his fiction novel and researching all he can involving the Craft.

I believe he will bring a unique perspective to our site and I know you will all enjoy his writing!


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