by Midnight Freemason Guest Contributor
Bro. Tribuwan Persaud

There cannot be an everything,
It All must lead to One.
As each thing, comes from some thing else,
and something comes from Sum.

Somewhere, some what, the Sum of things great;
something All around.
Something All inside, its simple;
yet profound.

What it is we call It,
as we all give It names;
when we all dream the same peace,
while we all play our own games.

Reality is our own makings,
the dreams of joyous peace.
Our lives spent believing in our dreams,
But dreaming it alone must cease.

As Faith for One, is Faith for All;
Our hatreds, hold no place.
We are One Society,
we are All the Human Race. 
Bro. Tribuwan Persaud was made a Master Mason in 2012 in The Hugh Murray Lodge #602 of Hamilton, Ontario Canada where he is still a member, current line officer and past Lodge Chaplain. Brother Persaud spent much of his young and adult life studying and researching the brotherhood of man as depicted in the Bible, and believes he has found that very same brotherhood in Freemasonry. Tribuwan is a husband, father, businessman and is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the crafting philosophical and religious poetry. He also spends much time in the translation and dissemination of many ancient Vedic prayers, stories and songs into English. You can contact him at tribuwan@gmail.com

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