Over the last year, we have had many Guest Contributors to our site. It has been a huge help to have new perspectives and styles of writing about Masonic subjects available to the readership. This year in fact, we had 27 guest posts! So much great work and at the beginning of the year we brought one of them aboard. This was of course, Bro. Robert Walk Jr.

Toward the middle of the year we brought on Bro. Jason Richards, and now just before the close of the year, it is with great pleasure I am able to add to the rolls of the regular contributors once again. Please join me in welcoming Bro. Adam Thayer!

Brother Thayer brings a very academic approach to our blog, as he is on the Committee of Education for the Grand Lodge of Nebraska. He is also a member of two lodges there and is "in line" in both of them, which is quite a commitment. He is a member of the Scottish Rite and Knights of St. Andrew as well.

I know I enjoy his writing and perspective into the craft, and I think you will too!

Welcome aboard Brother Thayer!

Bro. Adam Thayer is the Senior Deacon of Lancaster Lodge No 54 in Lincoln (NE) and the Senior Warden of Oliver Lodge No. 38 in Seward (NE). He’s a member of the Scottish Rite, and the Knights of Saint Andrew. Adam serves on the Education Committee of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska. You can contact him at adam.thayer@gmail.com

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