The Midnight Freemasons Get an International Correspondent!

A Special Message from the Editor

Ever since Ill. Bro. Todd E. Creason started this thing called "The Midnight Freemasons", it's had this amazing potential to grow. It certainly has done that. With over a million hits, over 950 articles and posts on various Masonic topics by a team that went from just Todd, to a team of 8 to a team of 14.

Today is an important day. Today, we bring on our 15th regular contributor and our first international corespondent. The Midnight Freemasons are proud to announce that Brother Wayne D.J.  Greeley has accepted an offer to write for us. Bro. Greeley hails from Brisbane which is in Queensland, Australia.

Bro. Wayne has published a couple articles with us in the past, and you can view them through the links below. Congratulations and Welcome aboard Brother!

                                 The Second Crucifixion

Brother Wayne Greenley is member of Mount Pleasant Lodge No. 361 holding under the United Grand Lodge of Queensland. Currently he is studying a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Bachelor of Business at QUT. In his spare time he likes to read, listen to music and research the Craft. He is looking forward to joining other orders when he’s permitted to in the next year and also to soon begin his journey through the progression of officers starting off with the Inner Guard.

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