Thank You to My Brethren

by Midnight Freemason Contributor
WB Gregory J. Knott

As this year draws to a close I wanted to take an opportunity for a few personal reflections on several brethren who help make this fraternity a great organization.

First is Todd E. Creason, who founded this blog and has been a friend for more than 25 years. His commitment to Masonic education and a willingness to embark on any project to help further this fraternity is nothing short of remarkable. At times when I have gotten discouraged, I only needed to seek a bit of encouragement from Todd and onward we go. Todd has been there with me on this journey since he was on the investigation committee as I petitioned Ogden Lodge No. 754. I owe him a huge thank you for being a true brother and friend.

Robert Johnson is nothing short of an inspiration to so many, including myself. He took on the editorship of the Midnight Freemasons and has helped transform it into what I believe is one of the great lights for education in all of Freemasonry. His dedication to Masonic education is making an impact on not only the present, but the future of the Craft. Week upon week, I can count on listening to a new educational piece on Whence Came You, where Robert has expanded my knowledge on so many subjects. It is huge honor to call him my brother.

No one works harder in the quarries than Sean P. McBride. I met Sean during my first degree and he has been a true friend and brother ever since. Sean is one of these guys who never says no and he is a hard person to say no to when he asks you to take a part in a degree, help with an event, etc. No one exemplifies servant leadership in this craft today more than Sean.

There are a number of brothers in my local lodges of whom I have the greatest respect, for their ongoing dedication in ensuring success of the lodge. Ogden Lodge/Homer Lodge members Denver R. Phelps and Steve Hooper who do more degree work in this area than just about anyone else I know. Carl D. Lewis and Carl W. Lewis who have worked for decades to ensure the lights in Ogden Lodge stay on. St. Joseph Lodge No. 970 Treasurer Eric Buzzard who is always available to work on the building never misses a meeting and can always be counted for an encouraging word.

Just a few of the others I need to mention include William J. Hussey Jr., whose humor and dead straight honesty is exactly what Masonry needs. Brian L. Pettice, who is not only a tremendous ritualist, but has deep insights into the values we seek to espouse and he lives them daily. Michael J. Dooley travels around to our events further than anyone I know. Mike is extremely loyal and can always be counted on to follow through on his word.

The risk of making a list is leaving someone off and no doubt I have. There are countless other brothers whom I have met that make Freemasonry what it is, a special organization that is unlike anything else in the world.

To all my brethren, I extend my sincere thank you in helping me become a better person.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and prosperous New Year!


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