Masonic Wisdom: The Sequoia Tree

By Midnight Freemason Contributor
WB Luciano M. Azevedo

Also known as Redwood the Sequoia tree belongs to the genus of the conifers, characterized by its large size, reaching an average of 257 feet in height, having its trunk the diameter of 15 feet or more!

The most remarkable of this botanical species is its longevity, as it can reach between 1,500 and 2000 years.

What accounts for the greatness, fortitude, and longevity of the redwoods? When I visited Muir Woods in San Francisco CA, I had the opportunity to meet the redwoods and inquire about their secret. I found out that they not only deepen their roots, growing quite a ways down; but the redwoods are located in a region where there is constant humidity during summer, rain and snow during fall and winter; which feeds the roots and trunk, and makes them robust and long lasting.

The sequoia is quite a picture of what we should be. In order to be strong, resilient, "upright", we must grow, deepening of our roots in the knowledge of The G.:A.: O .:T.:U, in virtue and justice. In fact, says the Holy Scripture, "whoever meditates on the Word of God is like a tree planted by running water".

It is also necessary that we seek an environment conducive to our moral and spiritual growth; that's why Freemasons should attend lodge. It is evident that life places us in difficult situations, of weariness, of tribulation, of storms, of multiple trials, making imperative the search for the environment of affinity where we recover our energies and obtain qualification to a straight, positive life with integrity.

Companies and the environment have great influence on us. Hence popular wisdom repeats: "Tell me with whom you walk and I will tell you who you are." So important to walk along with our Brothers! King Salomon’s Proverbs says: "...bad conversations corrupt good manners". Let's keep the level of our talks in higher standards and avoid intolerance!

Deep roots, constant food, perfect humidity (good environment), are the secrets of the redwoods.

A good environment is likewise our secret to beauty, strength, fortitude, longevity and happiness.


WB Luciano M. Azevedo holds an MBA and Bachelor in Business Administration. He has published several scientific and philosophical essays and articles in the secular world. As a sommelier he wrote his own column for a major wine magazine for many years. In Freemasonry Brother “Lou” has contributed with many articles from a philosophical basic approach to an ethical decision-making in regards to masonic conduct. He is the current Worshipful Master of Zurich Lodge 1089 of A.F&A.M of the State of Illinois. W. Bro Luciano is also a member or the Grand Lodge Leadership Committee of the State of Illinois, a 32 Degree active member of the Scottish Rite Valley of Chicago and a Shrine Noble of the Medinah Shriners.

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