Masonic Wisdom: Silence

by Midnight Freemason Guest Contributor
WB Luciano M. Azevedo

Socrates, the wise Greek philosopher, said that eloquence is often a way of falsely exalting what is small and of diminishing what is great.

Words may be misused, masked or employed for concealment. That is why we should speak only when our words are more valuable than our silence.

The reason is simple, our words have power to build or to destroy. They can generate peace, harmony, comfort but they can also generate hate, resentment, anguish, sadness. Our M.W King Solomon said in his proverbs: "Even the fool, when he is silent, passes for wise, for intelligent".

Silence is valuable, it is very essential to all Freemasons to listen more than speak, to think and meditate rather than run into action. Both the word and the silence reveal our being.

How much animosity exists in lodges because of gossip, slander and insults? We must learn that when we loose control and wrongly injure our brother we must pursue the sacred courage to go and ask for forgiveness.

Our words should always be positive and generate well-being, produce edification of the soul and consolation to the heart.

Masons should always speak honestly, react with good judgment and without anger and express their opinion with caution. Often, in the debates, we see so many people talking and few willing to listen.

Great men are those who open their mouths only when others have nothing more to say.

God speaks to us in the silence, when the agitation of the soul ceases; when His word sinks deep on us...


WB Luciano M. Azevedo holds an MBA and Bachelor in Business Administration. He has published several scientific and philosophical essays and articles in the secular world. As a sommelier he wrote his own column for a major wine magazine for many years. In Freemasonry Brother “Lou” has contributed with many articles from a philosophical basic approach to an ethical decision-making in regards to masonic conduct. He is the current Worshipful Master of Zurich Lodge 1089 of A.F&A.M of the State of Illinois. W. Bro Luciano is also a member or the Grand Lodge Leadership Committee of the State of Illinois, a 32 Degree active member of the Scottish Rite Valley of Chicago and a Shrine Noble of the Medinah Shriners.


  1. Good and brief is always better! Great comment full of lights V.'.D.'.B.´.

  2. Greetings brother, my name is cheval quinn A.F.A.M of 190 Cornerstone Lodge in Mississippi I was reading your words on silence this morning and was not of good spirits, yet after reading about you I was uplifted and inspired and wanted to thank you our creator surely works in mysterious ways


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