News Coming Soon About the Novel

So for the past couple months, I've spent the majority of my spare time trying to sell this fiction novel I've written One Last Shot, to the point I had to take a break for the first time since I started writing because it's burnt me completely out.  Seems I've spent so much time on that, I've had no time to do anything else, let alone actually write anything.  I was very close to shoving it into a drawer and moving on before it sucked the life out of me. 

But all things happen for a reason, and through a chance encounter (and a bizarre e-mail exchange), suddenly the novel is alive and well, and it looks like it may see publication after all.  There are still a few details to work out, but within a couple weeks or so, I'll tell you what's going on.  Unless this falls through, in which case, this blog entry will vanish, and I'll deny knowledge it ever existed. 

But if it works out, it's not only going to impact the new novel, but it could very well breath new life into the existing volumes of the Famous American Freemasons series as well.   And it pretty much guarantees my future books, fiction and non-fiction, will be treated with the utmost care and consideration. 

I'd like to tell you now, but you'll just have to await the announcement. 

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