Special Thanks to Ray Gordon

So I needed a little logo to use as the imprint for my publishing company Moon & Son.  It had to be very simple, because it has to reproduce well very small, not only for the title page, but even smaller--it has to fit on the spine of a book so maybe no larger than a quarter of an inch square.  I found an old woodcut image full of Masonic symbols, including the moon and sun, and I really liked the stylized moon.  But I was having a tough time cleaning up the image so it was sharp. 

I mentioned my difficulty to Bro. Ray Gordon.  Ray's an excellent graphic artist I meet in Pekin a few years ago, and he said "send it to me."  I did, and this is what he sent me back this afternoon.  He not only cleaned it up, but that moon's profile changed somewhat.  It looks like somebody I know, I just can't put my finger on who it is.  Handsome devil whoever it is. 

Thanks a lot, Ray.  I've got my imprint now. 


  1. Mmmm I agree... I can't put my finger on it either...who does the photo look like...Mmmmm....I think you picked a great graphic designer..



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