Freemason Wisdom: Eddie Rickenbacker On Courage

by Midnight Freemasons Contributor
Judy Gordon  

“Courage is doing what you are afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you are scared.”

~Eddie Rickenbacker
Kilwinning Lodge No. 297, Michigan

Courage is what it takes to stand in front of three judges and recite your ritual work that you have been memorizing for competition.

Just recently, Illinois Job’s Daughters had their Ritual Competition. There’s no way I could stand there in the room in front of 3 judges and recite the ritual…my brain would be mush. I commend those young ladies for doing that…Some are nervous, fidget, get a sore throat and then some of these young ladies just recite that Ritual and tell the story of Job with such passion. It’s amazing…

So for the past six weeks or so, our bethel has been practicing every Tuesday for the big day. We even went through a mock competition. I am very proud of not just my bethel but every young lady that competed.

Oh the results…our bethel came home with a 1st place in Novice (she had to know the Proficiency work and secret work), 2nd place for Sr Princess (she sits in the East) 2nd place for 5th Messenger and 3rd place for team(they told the story of Job). We have members that have never been to competition, so this was an experience for them and I hope they continue to compete. I am proud of them no matter how they placed.

And special thanks to Jerry Starks- Excellent Grand Royal Arch Captain of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the State of Illinois. He came to one of our practices and gave the girls pointers on diction and delivery. The girls and the adults enjoyed it very much. Matter of fact, Empire lodge was practicing as well, and they thought he was there for their practice. He said, "No, I am here for the girls."

I am offering a challenge to each of you Masons, please come to a Job’s Daughter’s meeting near you and see their beautiful ritual work. You would be amazed.


Judy Gordon is very active in Job's Daughters. She's the Past Honored Queen, and Bethel Guardian of Bethel No. 55, Pekin (IL). She received the Cryptic Masons Masonic Youth Leadership Award along with her husband, Ray Gordon in July 2007. She's also Past Matron of the Morton Chapter No. 974 (IL) of the Order of the Eastern Star and Historian of the Emblem Club No. 424 of Pekin (IL) Judy is the recipient of the Degree of Royal Purple (2012) and elected as the Grand Marshal for Illinois Job's Daughters (2015-16). Ray and Judy have three grandkids, and a very spoiled dog, Reggie (who incidentally volunteers as a Therapy Dog at local hospitals and nursing homes.)

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