Ian Fleming: Freemason Or Not?

Sean Connery as James B
James Bond movies are celebrating 50 years just in time for the release of the much anticipated 23rd Bond movie Skyfall.  The new movie has already broken every record previously existing when it opened overseas last week.  And many were pleased to hear that Daniel Craig has signed on to two more films!  Without question, there are few film heros more iconic than 007--and few movies that are more anticipated than a new James Bond movie.  Everyone has a favorite Bond.  Everyone has a favorite Bond movie.  Everyone has a favorite "Bond girl."  Bond movies are part of our fabric now--we all know "M" and "Q" and "Moneypenny."

I remember the first Bond movies I saw in the theater--it was Octopussy.  I've been hooked ever since--and my wife is a huge fan as well, and while she leans towards Connery as her favorite, and I've always like Moore, we both agree that Daniel Craig may very well wind up being both our favorite in the end.  We plan on finding a sitter, and going to do something we don't get to do much--have a date night and see a new James Bond movie.

Author Ian Fleming
There have been rumors for years that James Bond novelist Ian Fleming was a Freemason.  There was a book written by Philip Gardiner released a few years ago called The Bond Code that even suggested the books and movies used Freemason symbolism and themes . . . no doubt many Masonic conspiracy theorists believe Freemasonry is actually a lot like SPECTRE.  I've watched all the movies, and I'm sorry, I just don't see any "secret society" themes or symbolism--none.  And I have looked for it--it's just not there.

As far as Ian Fleming goes--sadly, there's no evidence he was ever a Freemason.



  1. Great read brother. I too am a HUGE Bond fan. I graduated in 2007 so naturally I like the numbers 007. That and Who doesn't love a little action with sex and stuff blowing up. It would be just ridiculous if anyone said they dont like any of those three things.

  2. I guess the reason people think of James Bond 007 as a Masonic figure is becuse of the names value; James=37 as the angle in the classic Pythagorean 3-4-5 triangle, and Bond = 33 as in the upper Scottish Rite Masonic degree or as "3by3" as one of the magic squares of the said theorem. And James was sometimes written as Iames as in "I am 55".. Now linked with the 007's similarity to the "Two-Ball-Cane" o7o , that represents the ancient Masonic and Rosicrucian geometric cipher method (in writings and paintings) I think itæs fair to believe he knew some stuff anyway.. ;-) To prove is harder..

    1. The confusion may exsist as the orginal 007 was in fact Dr John Dee advisor on the occult to queen Elizabeth the 1st, Dee often sent chiphers to the Queen with 007 his secret number and was allegedly a member of the Rosicrucian movement from where freemasons purportedly originated from

  3. This morning I visited the Sue Ryder home called Joyce Grove in Nettlebed just outside Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire - a truly magnificent building. It was built for Robert Fleming, Ian Fleming's grandfather. There is a magnificent stained glass ceiling in the hallway, with R and F in each of the corners (Robert Fleming) but on the edge there is a panel with a square and compass, and then a further panel referring to Berkshire Chapter. Could it be that there is a family history of freemasonry?


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