Lucky Number Thirteen

Bro. Jason at the House of the Temple
Not a year ago, I was approached by a couple of Brothers from Virginia about a new venture in Masonic entertainment / education, one of whom was Bro. Jason Richards. Richards is from Acacia Lodge in Clifton Virginia. He and the other Brother (Jon Ruark) wanted to start another podcast/vidcast. Since then, Jason and I have grown close due to our weekly interactions on the YouTube live show "The Masonic Roundtable" which is a weekly show much like the view. You can read more about it in an earlier blog post.

Jason writes for his own blog cleverly titled "The Two Foot Ruler - Masonry in Plain Language" and it is fantastic. Jason recently wrote a guest piece for us right here on The Midnight Freemasons and it received thousands of hits. You can read it here. Last week, I was avidly looking for more contributors that would write regularly for us here and Bro. Jason sent me a message on Facebook.

Without delaying this exciting news any further, I am so happy and excited to announce that Brother Jason Richards is the latest to join the Midnight Freemasons as a regular contributor. I know you will all enjoy his down to earth, yet profound writings on our craft.

Here is his bio;

Bro. Jason Richards is the Senior Deacon of Acacia Lodge No. 16 in Clifton, Virginia, and a member of both The Patriot Lodge No. 1957 and Fauquier Royal Arch Chapter No. 25 in Fairfax, Virginia. He is the sole author of the Masonic weblog The 2-Foot Ruler: Masonry in Plain Language, and is a co-host on the weekly YouTube show and podcast The Masonic Roundtable. He lives in Virginia with his wife, cats, and ever-expanding collection of bow ties.

Welcome aboard Brother Jason Richards!

~RJ et al

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  1. enjoy the comradery that you guys have when doing the show !
    an excellent example to those who aren't members of the Craft what a great brotherhood we have
    look forward to reading more from Brother Jason


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