No Mason Left Behind : The Final Cut

by Midnight Freemason Contributor
Bro. "Doc" Gentry

This will be my final piece (for now) on this subject and I thank you for bearing with me, especially the Intenders and Mentors. In fact, Intenders and Mentors, thanks for all the hard work you do!Let me ask a question,  how many of you ever felt alone when there was a new Brother inducted into the fraternity?  Almost like the job of the lodge is to say, "Oh Brother Dan, you're the candidates Intender." And that is all the lodge does besides the ritual?  Well, let us address this now.

This piece is directed to the lodge as a whole, and especially the three principle officers. Let's address some lodge officers and see if we're doing all we can. Brothers Stewards and Brother Junior Warden, you see the lodge as a whole from your positions and offices, not just in ritual but in general. Brothers Stewards, your jobs are during times of refreshments and fellowship. You have seen the new Brother interact in all aspects of Freemasonry not only in the ritual. What does this new Brother bring to the table of Freemasonry as a whole? Did you explain your offices and what they represent as a whole, to the new Brother?  Brother Junior Warden, did you fulfill your purpose with this new Brother? Did you give the "New Brother Report" to the Senior Warden and the Worshipful Master? You three are the "Open Eyes" of the lodge, I pray you did your duties not only your rituals.

Brother Marshal, Brother Junior Deacon and Brother Senior Warden, how has the west impressed upon this new Brother? Brother Marshal, do you believe that your position is opening and closing the doors? Did you teach the esoteric purpose of your office?  How about you, Brother Junior Deacon? Have you have had the most intimate relationship with this Brother outside of his Intender/Mentor, what have you given him? What did you notice of worth from this Brother? Did you impart the new Brother with old knowledge so that he may grow? Brother Senior Warden, overseer of the West Gate, did you notice this Brother on each of his entries? What imprint did his comings and goings leave upon you? With the information from the Junior Warden, what information can you pass to the Worshipful Master so that he can perform his duties upon this new Brother? 

Finally Brother Senior Deacon and Brother Worshipful Master, you two most of all are responsible  in the development of the new Brother, your fulfillment of your duties are the most detrimental. Brother Senior Deacon, how did you follow through and guide this Brother in his actions outside of ritual? Brother Worshipful Master, did you take the advice and information as well as recommendations from the Junior and Senior Warden? Did you use that to create a plan of action to give this new Brother proper instruction? Do you know how to properly set him to work according to his passions and skills? 

Here's the secret my Brothers, it takes a lodge to raise a Master Mason. As he was given instruction and walked the path through the body, starting at the heart and ending as part of the soul, remember, he did it with the whole lodge.  Did we give him proper resources and instruction? Can we do better in raising a Master Mason? Will we?

No One Takes A Step In Freemasonry Alone! No One!


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