A Mason Who Forgets

by Midnight Freemason Editor
Robert H. Johnson

So once in a while, we forget. We forget lines, we forget names, we forget ritual. In my case, you may have noticed, I forgot to schedule a piece for last Friday. Being a Freemason, an active one, is something that takes a lot of cognitive discipline and sometimes, we falter. I felt horrible about not getting a piece up this last Friday but I know that stuff happens, not my first choice of words when describing the situation.

But we can use this as a slight reminder that whenever we forget something, the best course of action is usually to just pick up where you left off and in some cases, own up to your short comings. As men and as Masons, we do this already...usually.

In ritual, we just keep going and don't miss a beat, the local lodge lecture expert approaching you after to tell you all the words you missed, or perhaps the turns you did wrong. It's okay, Brothers. Take it in stride.

Enjoy your Sunday! We'll be back tomorrow morning.


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