Individuation of the Craft Pt. 7 Finale

by Midnight Freemason Emeritus
WB. James E. Frey

Editors Note* When WB James sent this piece to me, I knew it was too long for a single post, I had to break it up. I tried to do it the best I could to maintain the idea or focus of each section. It was difficult because this piece is complex and a very necessary read for any Mason. I hope you take the time to go back and read all these in sequence now that they have been published in their entirety over the past 7 weeks. And now, the conclusion...

Our force of nature must be economized by the realization of our own mortality as represented by the 24 inch gauge. The 24 inch gauge is the passive tool by which we measure and shape who we wish to be through the process of individuation. When we realize our time is limited and we are not as special as we would like to believe, we are no longer blinded by the ego and can dedicate ourselves toward achieving existential meaning through our personal growth. Our sense of purpose must too be regulated toward the goal of individualization which leads to psychological harmony. So together these working tools give us practical concepts to balance out actions through the understanding of the mortality of the flesh. This is my understanding for why the Entered Apprentice degree is associated with the concept of beauty in the south. At the meridian height of the sun we realize the fullest potential within our own sense of being.

As an apprentice you will climb from the pit of darkness of the material self towards the beauty of self-understanding. As the Fellowcraft you ascend the staircase toward intellectual enlightenment by mastering the liberal arts and sciences. As a Master mason finally balancing the square and compass you face true death of the ego, and once raised a True Master of yourself. Freemasonry is creedless, its brothers bow only to truth as supreme light, regardless of the light bearer. No greater truth exists beyond that of universal Brotherhood building the Temple to God on the foundation of faith, hope, and charity.


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