The Masonic Pilgrimage

by Midnight Freemason Contributor
Bro. Robert Johnson, PM

Well, it's just four days until I hop in WB:. Scott Dueball's car and we ride down to Springfield Illinois for the Grand Lodge annual meeting. We call it a pilgrimage because we are called back home per se. It's a time of great fellowship, of rekindling the fire that burns inside the active mason. All year long, I look forward to the Grand Lodge Sessions and to seeing the faces of brothers I only see but once in a great while.

It's a time to gain new insights and learn new things, as the Grand Lodge has panels and learning sessions set up for Masons with a gamut of interests. And don't even get me started on the shopping. I love Masonic trinkets as much as the next Brother, but Grand Lodge, it's definitely over the top. I will definitely be found perusing the tables for hours.

As Grand Lodge Sessions wraps up on Saturday the 8th, I'll be getting ready for the next pilgrimage, all the way down to St. Louis MO. for the Valley of St. Louis's Fall Reunion the following weekend. I absolutely love that old Masonic superstructure in the down town area. If you haven't been there, you have to go. It's just amazing. I hope many of you are getting ready for your own Masonic pilgrimages, whether it's to your Grand Lodge proceedings or a reunion or perhaps its a special time for blue lodge events. Whatever it is, have fun, share in fellowship and stay on the level! See you all when I get back, and of course on the old interwebs.


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  1. Spot on.
    I myself visited a lodge full of old Army comrades, done I knew, some I did not. But we are all brothers in Masonic terms and military.
    Once a year we have started doing this and it's fantastic for the soul!
    It certainly keeps the spirit burning until the next year.
    Great article bro.
    Bro Rich PHILLIP
    Under UGLE.


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