First Step to Commitment and Civility - Ethics

by Midnight Freemason Guest Contributor
WB Luciano M. Azevedo

Ethics is the part of philosophy that studies moral values and the ideal principles of human conduct. A set of moral principles to be observed in the exercise of a profession.

So, questions like: What is right? What is my duty? What should I do ? They belong exclusively to the causal aspect of the search for the ethical standard and must lead to the answers: If actions are good, it will certainly have good effects.

It is not easy to embark on the path of understanding human behavior, especially Freemasons, with the focus of Ethics. Before being masons, we are human beings, living in conformity to habits, customs, cultures, personal experiences, regional, temporal and, before being human beings we belong to the cosmic creation, we are part of the Great Architect's great work.

Faced with the highly contradictory questions that are present all the time to our consciences, it is questioned to what extent it is compatible to discuss ethical aspects in an essentially egocentric, materialistic, competitive and generalized society with the need for a realistic approach. There is a great risk of sterile discussions!

However Ethics should be seen as a personal, an individual factor, but we must not forget, on the other hand, that the individual is the fruit of the society in which he lives. Therefore, Ethics is the social model of individual behaviors.

The axiom "Not all that is legal is morally right" clearly demonstrates that the Law obliges the citizen to do or not to do things that can compromise him morally.

When, therefore, before any action we could mentally ask the question: “Am I morally inclined to perform this action?, and the answer is:" if this action will produce as much good as possible in the Universe ", we will have there, clearly the exposition of an ethical standard to be followed.

A Freemason, when produces an ethical action reverberates throughout Freemasonry and places yet another polished and perfect stone in the moral edifice of society. However when a Mason produces typically amoral, immoral or unethical actions, the result is worse because negative reverberation extrapolates Freemasonry, causing degeneration of both the Order and society in general.

I believe that ethical standards must be quickly reestablished among Masons so that their influence can bear fruit. We must start talking about ethics again. We must go back to studying and recovering the true meaning of things. Finally, it is necessary to divulge and encourage Ethics by all the means available, but above all, to charge our brothers in positions of power to perform an ethical conduct that becomes an example for all, profane and initiated, and always work with love and tolerance, and aiming for the good of the Fraternity and society. An ethical behavior is the first step towards commitment and civility!


WB Luciano M. Azevedo holds an MBA and Bachelor in Business Administration. He has published several scientific and philosophical essays and articles in the secular world. As a sommelier he wrote his own column for a major wine magazine for many years. In Freemasonry Brother “Lou” has contributed with many articles from a philosophical basic approach to an ethical decision-making in regards to masonic conduct. He is the current Worshipful Master of Zurich Lodge 1089 of A.F&A.M of the State of Illinois. W. Bro Luciano is also a member or the Grand Lodge Leadership Committee of the State of Illinois, a 32 Degree active member of the Scottish Rite Valley of Chicago and a Shrine Noble of the Medinah Shriners.

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