Masonic Wisdom: Mathematics of Love

by Midnight Freemason Guest Contributor
WB Luciano M. Azevedo

The most beautiful mathematics is that of love. Love does not weigh and the more we have the lighter we get. Love when donated is renewed in the people and when it's divided, multiplies throughout the world! Love thy neighbor; love your brother. Forgive, try to find how to best agree. Don't hurry to disagree and focus on how you can see and comprehend your brother's perspective. Remember that changing your mind or being open to listen are not signs of weakness, rather, signs of strength and maturity.


WB Luciano M. Azevedo holds an MBA and Bachelor in Business Administration. He has published several scientific and philosophical essays and articles in the secular world. As a sommelier he wrote his own column for a major wine magazine for many years. In Freemasonry Brother “Lou” has contributed with many articles from a philosophical basic approach to an ethical decision-making in regards to masonic conduct. He is the current Worshipful Master of Zurich Lodge 1089 of A.F&A.M of the State of Illinois. W. Bro Luciano is also a member or the Grand Lodge Leadership Committee of the State of Illinois, a 32 Degree active member of the Scottish Rite Valley of Chicago and a Shrine Noble of the Medinah Shriners.

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