Haunted Freemasonry

by Midnight Freemason Guest Contributor
RW:. Alex G. Powers

RW Powers and the photo of PM McKlintock

Not everyone believes in ghosts or the supernatural, but around this time each year, most people can at least entertain the idea of spooky sounds, sightings, and even hauntings. Believe it or not, there have been many reports of spooky happenings in or around Masonic Temples for quite a long time. I think it goes with the territory of the whole Masonic lure and with many of our buildings being rather old, and kinda just creepy to start with. Nevertheless, many have claimed with certainty that they have heard, felt, and even seen strange happenings inside Masonic Temples.

While lower of the scale of “hauntings” we have had some unexplained occurrences at my lodge’s building that have succeeded at raising the hairs on the back of my neck. Pictures randomly falling from the wall, unexplained footsteps, the sound of doors opening and closing, and even the muttering of voices in the other room only to find no one there. The front door to our lodge has a large pain of glass looking up the stairs, which one evening, while locking the door I happened to glance up and caught a quick glimpse of a mysterious figure standing at the top looking down at me. Of course, after a double-take, it was no longer there. A simple remedy to this issue: I no longer look through the window while locking the door! 😊

While Robert Johnson was in town last year I took him on a tour of our Temple building, without mentioning any of the past “happenings” he mentioned he got a creepy feeling since arriving and whipped out an EMF detector (yeah, that actually happened). Picking several hits, we let it run while we continued to chat. Getting very strong readings next to the photo of Past Master McClintock on the north wall and by the Master’s chair in the East. In fact, while standing in the East the EMF kept getting strong bumps in readings as if something was coming closer. It did this about three times which, needless to say, had our undivided attention. Then all of a sudden, the readings zeroed out and I got chills from head to toe. While I will be the first to admit this was probably my mind playing along, that was enough for me to call it a night.

The strange occurrences at our building are not alone by any means. There have been articles published and even television shows covering unexplained events at many Masonic Temple buildings such as Plano Lodge 768 and so many others. But what about you? Have you ever had a creepy experience in a Masonic Temple?


RWB, Alex G. Powers is a historian and esoteric enthusiast. As a fifth-generation Freemason, he carries a hearty interest in antiquities of the Masonic institution. He currently serves as the Director of the Kansas Lodge of Research as well as District Deputy Grand Master for Area 9A in Kansas, he is also a Past Master and currently serving as Tyler and Lodge Historian for Gardner Lodge No. 65. Brother Powers is the host and founder of Historical Light, an independent production focusing on the history of Freemasonry. He is also the author of “A History of Gardner Masonic Lodge No. 65” with additional projects in the works.


  1. Thank you. I know will always picture Brother Robert Johnson pulling out the EMF detector while ripping open his shirt to display a Ghostbusters t-shirt with Square and Compasses. "Who're you going to call?" "Masonic Ghostbusters!" :)

  2. Our building, the Dayton Masonic Center, is well-known for it's hauntings. We were covered by author Chris Woodyard in her Haunted Ohio IV in a chapter entitled "You can call me George - the Masonic Temple ghost."


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