Ludwig van Beethoven: Freemason Wisdom To Begin Your Week

"The barriers are not erected which can say to aspiring talents and industry, 'Thus far and no farther.'"

~Ludwig van Beethoven

Who creates the barriers that stop us from living our dreams?  Who creates the barriers that prevent us from attaining our full potential?  Does society limit us?  Are we limited by our lack of education or money?  Or do we create those barriers ourselves?  Do we lack the faith to pursue those things we really want and create our own obstacles?

Imagine what we might accomplish if we truly believed we could not fail.  What might you try to do if you believed success was eminent.  If you look at the lives of truly successful men, you will see a common theme many times over.  This idea they possessed that they would inevitably succeed--that they couldn't possibly fail.  It was that passion and belief that fueled these men through all the difficulties along the way, and finally delivered them to the place they knew in the beginning they would eventually reach.

What do you want to do?  Do you truly believe you can?  Then why aren't you doing it today?


Todd E. Creason is the author of Famous American Freemasons: Volumes I & II where you'll find many other great stories about famous Freemasons.

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