One Last Shot Scheduled for Release in Early 2011

Close-up of element for One Last Shot cover
by graphic artist Brion Sausser
Description of One Last Shot from publisher:

Levi Garvey, the best-selling author of two novels, is at a crossroads. His third novel has been widely criticized as a flop. His celebrity lifestyle is falling apart, but he fears there isn’t another book in him. Because the creative well has gone dry, he realizes it’s time to figure out the next phase of his life.

Levi heads home to the small rural town of Twin Rivers, Illinois, for the first time in two decades to settle his grandmother’s estate and to attend his 25th high school reunion. It isn’t long before he’s reunited with the only woman he’s ever truly loved, Tori Buchanan. Then the unexpected happens. He gets the spark of an idea. As he works on it, he knows it could very well become his next novel. But as Levi researches this new novel, he stumbles upon a decades-old secret—a secret that will inexplicably change his life and the peaceful little town of Twin Rivers forever.
As we get closer to the release of the book in upcoming weeks, I'll be putting up a few chapter excerpts from One Last Shot for your enjoyment.

And also, as soon as I get it, the complete interview I did a couple weeks ago from my favorite table at my favorite watering hole (which also served as the model for "The Beer Chaser," a location in my novel.)  She's got the difficult task of making sense of it, and putting into into some kind of cohesive form.  I've been calling the interview "the Beer Summit" but I doubt she goes with that for some reason.  I could be wrong.

And of course, it won't be long, and I'll be ready to unveil Brion Sausser's great cover art.  The above art piece is just a single element in the finished cover, and even it wasn't complete.  I haven't seen the final version yet, but the few glimpses I've had are outstanding.  I can't hardly wait to see it.

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