Todd's New Website

My author website at just got a huge facelift.  Every year or two, we got through the tedious task of revamping and reinventing my website so it doesn't get stale.  It seems like we just did that, but actually it was nearly two years ago. 
You'll never believe this, but it's true--I did it all by myself this time.  It looks a lot cleaner, and not as dark and foreboding as the last one was.  I like it, but it still needs a few tweaks here and there, and I don't have all the content on there .  It is way less complicated now, and I can update it myself.  The only reason I started the blog was that putting anything on my website was such a nightmare it wasn't worth it. 

The last phase I'll finish up this weekend.  I need to finish tweaking the blog--and I really need a different name.  I've got nothin'.

Any ideas?


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