Freemason Wisdom: Henry Ford

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right."

~Henry Ford
Palestine Lodge No. 357
Detroit, Michigan

You know what ol' Henry was saying?  You're only limited by what you really and truly believe you can do.  Success in any endeavor is based on belief alone.  Confidence that your plan is good, and it's going to work is the key to being successful in it.  It's only a lack of confidence, and lingering doubt that takes the air out of a good plan and leads to failure.  If anybody has learned that lesson well, it's me.  Come up with an idea, come up with a plan, and charge forward with it without a single lingering doubt, and keep going through every obstacle, and you'll surprise yourself at what can happen.

It's amazing how simple it is, and it works, because there are so few that are willing to do it.  And very often, as my famous Freemasons tell me, you wind up way further than you wildest expectation.  That's because there are so few really willing to go against the grain of conventional wisdom and try something new--those willing to chart those new waters without fear of those warnings on the edges of the known map that say beyond this point 'here be dragons.'

One thing I noted in nearly all of the Famous American Freemasons I've profiled in my books over the years, was this belief that nothing is impossible. In fact, I think most of them achieved success and fame because of that belief alone. They had their own ideas about how things should work.  They had their own opinions, and refused to believe anyone that said what they were planning on doing couldn't be done.

Just think of the stories that wouldn't exist in our history if it weren't for people that believed the impossible was possible.  Lewis & Clark.  Charles Lindbergh.  John Paul Jones.  The Doolittle Raid.  And even, the American Revolution--the first great grassroots uprisings that actually succeeded! 

Without question, the most successful men in our history were those that wrote their own rules, set their own standards, and ignored those naysayers that predicted failure, and charged on, driven by the beat of their own drum alone.  We wouldn't be where we are today without them. 

If you don't know these stories, you should.  They are inspirational.  And while it's history, those principles still work today.  There's a good source where you can learn a few of these stories.  They are in my books


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