Why OES?

by Midnight Freemason Guest Contributor
Bro. Daniel Gentry

So, why join the Order of the Eastern Star? I cannot tell you how many times I hear this question. The funny part for me is the excuses, but that is because not only am I educated with OES, I am a member. Though if someone told you they did not want to join because their wife does not want to join, your first thought would be the same as mine, “I am Sorry Brother/Companion Master Mason, it is a shame that your wife does not want to join OES.” Now I am not a Mason that has looked to join the lateral degrees, I am not a Squire in the York Rite nor am I a Kilt Maker Monk in Scottish Rite, or whatever, but I am a member (and currently the Associate Patron) of Millburn Chapter #570 of the Order of the Eastern Star, so let me talk about what I know.

Ok so obvious answer to the burning question, why I have I not “furthered” my learning in Masonry by joining one of the “Rite’s”? The answer is two (actually three) parts.  First, I believe that the highest degree one can achieve is the 3rd Degree.  Second, I believe that there is much wisdom in the Blue Lodge, so much so that I am committed to learn everything I can before expanding my knowledge.  Of course lastly, I promised some very wise Brethren I would not rush into anything, but take my time at each pass.  So the next obvious question is, why would I have all those reasons but still join the Order of the Eastern Star, and this one is an easy answer, because I took an Oath, as all other Brethren did, and this fulfills my Oath.
Now, the Order of the Eastern Star was founded in the mid 1800’s, and its actual reason for existing is, much like Freemasonry, shrouded in secrecy.  Some believe that it was the first attempt for the French Freemasons of the time to have a Female Freemasonry or Androgynous Degrees, for men and woman to be able to have some ritual.  This is my theory, and I am not the most intelligent guy, just ask my wife, but here it is nonetheless.  I believe that the Order of the Eastern Star was created, using the evidence that for one to join they either need to be a Master Mason, or the female relative, or step relative, of a Master Mason.  So logically, don’t tell my wife I said that, she won’t stop laughing, we can conclude that the reason for the existence of the Order of the Eastern Star is to have all the female relatives in an organization where, if God forbid, anything happened to our Brother, we would have the family where we could still talk with them.  Thus, fulfilling our Oaths, as well as a deeper bond with our Brothers as well.
Now, what if your wife, daughter, sister, etc…does not want to join OES? Easy. Join and support them anyway.  You see, it is not just for your family, it is for everyone else’s.  Plus let’s be honest, you do not know about it enough to tell them about it.  It is true though, that if you were doing something, even partially Masonic, that your lady would probably get serious enough to join.  It would help the rest of us to get to know your family, and become part of their family as well.  What is more worth while than our families as well as them being connected to our Oaths?  Do we not have time? I know that my Chapter only meets once a month.  Is it the monetary value and lack of funds?  I only pay a $15 dues fee.  Is it the fact that your significant other does not join? I already answered this one.  In fact, I have a few reasons outside of all this that might change your mind, actually just one really important part.  Most of these women love to cook and bake, top that with the grilling and cooking sensations that we as Masons have, and BOOM! 
Seriously though, if you put on another endeavor besides your Blue Lodge, I recommend you look into joining the Order of the Eastern Star before any other.  If we don’t support them, how can they grow?  How can we say that we lived our Oaths fully?  How can anything else be more important than the small amount of time this will take?


Brother Daniel “Doc” Gentry, is a Brother Freemason from Antioch Sequoit Lodge #827, in the 1st NE District of Illinois. He is an active Brother and researcher on Masonic Subjects as well as serving as the Associate Patron in Chapter #570, Order of the Eastern Star, Millburn Illinois


  1. Eastern star is insulting to women as it does not recognize them as full complete individuals capable of taking their own oaths on their own. They need a male Masonic relative to join so this a male can validate their oaths, much like a parent is asked to co-sign their teenager's automobile loan. They also must meet in the presence of men as their business would not be recognized as valid otherwise. I would never insult my female relatives by recommending such an organization. I would instead recommend that they become satanists or wiccans so that they become superior to the men that would like to control them.

  2. I will say this, to those that read the reply of one DonnyDarkoh, and it will be in sections as I can manage.

    First, to all the wonderful Sisters of this wonderful organization, I want to apologize for the pessimistic and obvious unresearched post of a person who would never try to understand the truth of anything, which is reflected in the very misguided rants of someone looking for attention posting about something they know nothing about. As a member of the OES, I know, and I will tell those that do not know now, that the Oaths you have before your God, are in no need of any validation from anyone else, be them Male or Female, and I know how hard you work and how serious you take your Oaths.

    To those that read the reply, and are not a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, I apologize. I know it is apparent that this person knows very little, if anything, about Freemasonry or the Order of the Eastern Star, and I would very much doubt they even understand how to research, let alone use logic and reasoning. If you have questions of the OES, please find a Chapter near you, log off the computer, and travel away from hateful intents, or as the internet calls them, the "Trolls", and open a dialogue with a member of that Chapter. Better to have good information and not join, than to have hate and disinformation, and be dissuaded from the Wonderful things these Chapters do.

    To everyone reading this, it will be my only reply even feinting toward a reply to the obviously deluded and very uninformed poster it hints at. Real questions concerning the OES Chapters and Freemasonry can be directed toward my e-mail, to which I will attempt to answer them as quickly and informed as I can. Again I apologize for the illogical and ill-conceived rant of someone who does not know the light. Pray for them, to have a true and open talk to understanding.

    One final note, Do NOT Feed The Trolls.


  3. Intelligent, precise, reply Brother. Thank you for not entertaining the Troll feeding it negative energy. You are a beacon of Light to those in the dark as well others on their journey. Continue enlightening, encouraging, and uplifting.

    Pleasant Traveling,
    Sis. Que D. Jones, Grand Matron
    RUMB & OES, Inc.
    Lucy Laney Grand Chapter-GA
    Lydia #28


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