A Matter Of Degrees

by Midnight Freemasons Senior Contributor
WB Gregory J. Knott
Gregory J. Knott and family at University of Illinois graduation May 2017

This past May, on a Sunday morning I sat in Smith Hall on the campus of the University of Illinois.  I was wearing my academic regalia and listening to the speakers talk about the bright future all the soon to be graduates had as they leave the University and enter the “real world”.  I was one of those soon to be graduates.  

A couple of days earlier I had submitted my final research papers and completed all the classwork.  My last semester had been especially long because the two classes that I took were extremely rigorous, but I enjoyed them both very much.  One class was Storytelling and the other was Genealogy and Library Service.  My Master’s degree in Library and Information Science was now finished.

I was glad to be finished with my academic work, but at the same time I quickly found myself missing the challenge of learning new things, having the opportunity to discuss ideas with classmates and working on the various projects.

The same opportunities that I enjoyed in class are also available in Freemasonry.  As my good friend and fellow Midnight Freemason Founder Todd E. Creason outlined in his recent series on Masonic education, our membership is looking and expecting more from our meetings than just paying the bills and reading minutes.

I have some further goals and one of those is sharing some of the library research skills that I have acquired, with our Midnight Freemason readers.  There are an amazing amount of resources simply waiting for you to utilize them in your Masonic education and research efforts.  Stay tuned soon as the articles start to come together.

Additionally, I would like to review with you what opportunities there are for research waiting to be discovered in your local Masonic Lodge.   I recently gave a presentation on this topic at the Illinois Lodge of Research entitled “Discovering Your Past”. You can watch this presentation on You Tube at https://youtu.be/Y1KcoEcTDf8 .

Enjoy your summer.


WB Gregory J. Knott is the Past Master of St. Joseph Lodge No. 970 in St. Joseph (IL) and a plural member of Ogden Lodge No. 754 (IL), Homer Lodge No. 199 (IL) and Naval Lodge No. 4 in Washington, DC. He is a Senior Contributor and Founding Member of the Midnight Freemasons blog.

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