Strange Times - Two Brothers, Aliens, SkinWalkers, and Inter-dimensional Portals

by Midnight Freemason Contributor
Robert H. Johnson

The actual sign outside Skinwalker Ranch

Whether you’re a History Channel junkie or just someone who likes the more fringe shows, e.g., Ancient Aliens, Oak Island, or Unidentified, you might dig this article. About five months ago, I was on the phone with my friend and Brother, Ben Williams. Ben and I share an affinity for all things strange and unusual. Having come to Freemasonry for philosophy and “occult,” we both are into some similar stuff.

This past year, on the History Channel, a new show started. It was all about Skinwalker Ranch. In short, Skinwalker Ranch is said to be the most paranormal spot on the planet. And if that isn’t enough, it’s also the one place on earth that has been examined more than any other, according to the storytellers. Billionaire Robert Bigelow had even acquired the ranch in the 1990s and started an organization called National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS). This group Studied the land for years, and while they never came away with anything concrete, they sure documented some strange things.

“What kind of strange things?” You might ask—Sasquatch, Aliens, UFOs, Interdimensional Portals, Ghosts, and many more. It’s like a paranormal buffet. This new show on History Channel documents the most recent attempt to get to the bottom of what goes on at the ranch. The phenomenon, however, is not just tied to the several hundred acres of the ranch. It’s connected to the entire Uinta Basin in Utah. Most of the basin in the area in question is owned by a group called Adamantium Holdings LLC.

After a few attempts at trying to contact the owners of the property, Ben and I became only slightly frustrated. We decided to go out to the ranch ourselves. So I got a plane ticket, packed my bags, and Ben and I headed out for a weekend of hiking over the harsh Utah basin, where we encountered bizarre things. We were two Brothers on a mission to figure this thing out, and maybe our Masonic knowledge of philosophy and our understanding of the occult would allow us to view these phenomena in a new light.

A view from an undisclosed location overlooking the ranch. Notice that odd formation...

Over three days, Ben and I hiked all over the basin. I took about 500 photographs, hours of electromagnetic field readings, hours of radiation readings, and I recorded the whole time in audio. We will be writing a more extensive article for a new publication called The Esoteric Mason, which will begin publishing later this year. What will go into that magazine is quite a bit more than I can talk about here, and there will be some links so that you can listen to the audio as we hike 7 ½ miles across the Utah basin.

What, however, does Skinwalker Ranch and the paranormal have to do with Freemasonry? Perhaps it’s not so much what these things have to do with Freemasonry, but in the unlikely team-up of two Brothers from two different states, with our own publications and similar interests who would try to get to the bottom of this. I have no problem telling you right now that I believe Ben Williams and myself solved the mystery of the extremely high electromagnetic field readings in the basin.

What could we not explain? Ben and I could not explain some of the strange lights we saw in the sky. I couldn’t explain some of the shadow people that I saw in a field at dusk. We couldn’t explain the piles of animal bones on a section of a cliff. More will be revealed in the future. But for now, I want to let you all know that there is something strange afoot out there. Something I just can’t shake from my head is the rhythmic and low-frequency hum of the landscape in the dead of night. I hear it when I close my eyes.

Keep looking up.


RWB Johnson is the Managing Editor of the Midnight Freemasons blog. He is a Freemason out of the 2nd N.E. District of Illinois. He currently serves as the Secretary of Spes Novum Lodge No. 1183. He is a Past Master of Waukegan Lodge 78 and a Past District Deputy Grand Master for the 1st N.E. District of Illinois. Brother Johnson currently produces and hosts weekly Podcasts (internet radio programs) Whence Came You? & Masonic Radio Theatre which focuses on topics relating to Freemasonry. He is also a co-host of The Masonic Roundtable, a Masonic talk show. He is a husband and father of four, works full time in the executive medical industry. He is the co-author of "It's Business Time - Adapting a Corporate Path for Freemasonry" and is currently working on a book of Masonic essays and one on Occult Anatomy to be released soon.

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  1. cool. I'll try and keep posted. You fella's might have easier time gaining access to starlight ranch! Would love to hear some kinda update on that property


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