Masonic Travels First to Review Famous American Freemasons Volume II

Not too long ago I did a review of Brother Todd Creason’s first publication, Famous American Freemasons Volume 1, a book which I thoroughly enjoyed. Todd has now released the second volume in that series with more excellently presented stories of the lives of some of the most interesting American Brethren in history.
Not only does Todd provide us with thirty inspiring new stories of our Brethren, but his presentation, formatting and layout of the entire book has been updated and looks absolutely fabulous, making for an enjoyable book that you don’t want to put down.

A special introduction by Brother James L Tungate describes to the reader about the continuity of life and how the Masonic fraternity is a continuance and ongoing legacy left by each of us.

It’s interesting how so many great men became a part of the same organization and leads you to wonder if they were drawn to Masonry because of their like natures or habits, or was it Freemasonry that helped to further develop and nurture them in to the great men they became?

This book, although Masonic, is not about Freemasonry. It is about famous men and the tales of their lives, men who also happened to be Freemasons. Todd strikes a lovely balance in his books, having interesting factual histories of individuals with only a slight Masonic twist at the end of each chapter.

I found this book difficult to put down and read it over a very short period of time, enjoying it immensely and recommend it to everyone, but especially to those with an interest in American History or Culture.

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