Todd E. Creason Speaks In Lincoln, IL.

From Lincoln, IL: 7/29/08

On Tuesday, July 29th, Brother Todd E. Creason spoke to an audience of Masons at Lincoln Lodge No. 210. He arrived in town just before the weather did. A severe thunderstorm hit Lincoln moments after he got there, but there was still a good crowd that braved the weather attended the event. Todd joked at the beginning of the speech that he’d like to thank the community leaders of Lincoln for the terrific reception—apparently nobody had ever heralded his arrival to an event by setting off the storm sirens before.

In the speech Creason explained about how he came to author, compile and publish his newly released book "Famous American Freemasons." Creason also shared with the group as to what induced him to become a Mason and how his love for history inspired him to unite the two passions into what will is the first of three volumes. He also spoke briefly about his involvement with the 32nd Degree Masonic Learning Centers for Children and stressed the importance of the work that organization does. Afterwards Creason shared refreshments with the group and answered questions while signing books.

The event was co-sponsored by Lincoln Lodge No. 210 and Mt. Pulaski Lodge No. 87, and Todd would like to thank the brethren of these two lodges for inviting him. There were several other lodges in attendance including DeWitt Lodge No. 84, Henderson Lodge No. 820, Morton Lodge No. 352 and Atlanta Lodge No. 165. He hopes that he’ll be invited back upon the publication of the second volume of “Famous American Freemasons.”

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