Todd Speaks at Second Author Event Sponsored by the Bridgeport York Rite Bodies

From Lawrenceville, IL: 8/23/08

Brother Todd E. Creason was invited to speak at an author dinner sponsored by the Bridgeport York Rite Bodies on Saturday August 23th. It was held at Callahan's Restaurant in Lawrenceville, IL for husbands, wives and families. After a social hour and book signing, a delicious dinner, and a hilarious introduction entitled "Only In America" given by the always entertaining Brother Bill Hussey, Todd gave a short talk about Freemasons in American history.

He also spoke about Freemasonry, and what it has meant to him, and how he was inspired by his experiences in the fraternity into writing a series of books. Todd often comments after these events that he is continually surprised by how much the average Freemason knows about American history. As a whole, Masons are very well connected to their history, which is probably much of the reason there has been such interest in his book. As usual, Todd learned a few things he didn't know, and got a few ideas that he will most likely work into his book.

Todd was especially honored to be asked to speak at the event, because he knew many of the members from his membership in the Scottish Rite Valley of Danville. In fact, the event was the very first event he was asked to do after he published his book. He also had a chance to visit with some of the members that only a few short months earlier had participated in putting on the Commandery Degrees in nearby Olney, IL where Brother Creason became a Sir Knight along with about twenty more individuals.

This is the second author event put on by the Bridgeport York Rite Bodies--the first event featured Christopher Hodapp, the author of the popular "Freemasonry for Dummies."

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