Suit Up for the Illinois Council of Deliberation in Bloomington!

From Bloomington, Illinois: 6/27/09

Todd was invited to speak at the annual meeting of the Illinois Council of Deliberation in Bloomington, Illinois. It was the first time he had worn a tux since he was married, but he was glad he went to the effort. He was surprised to learn that he was dining at the head table with Grand Master of Illinois, Daniel C. Yandell and his wife, as well as the Grand High Priest Richard Yena and his wife, and the Illustrious Commander-in-Chief of the Illinois Council of Deliberation Lee B. Lockwood, 33ยบ.

Since it was so close to the Fourth of July, Todd’s speech was focused on celebrating America, and how Freemasons had not only helped to found our nation, but had also shaped our uniquely American culture.

Afterwards, he signed copies of Famous American Freemasons, and took preorders for Famous American Freemasons: Volume II due out in July 2009. And of course, he never misses an opportunity to promote, announcing the soon-to-be-released book of quotes “A Freemason Said That? Great Quotes of Famous Freemasons” scheduled for release in Fall 2009.

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