National Review: Scottish Rite Journal Nov/Dec 2008

Bro. Todd E. Creason, Famous American Freemasons, Morrisville, N.C.:, 2007, paperbound, 280 pages, ISBN 978-1-4357-0345-2. Available on the Internet, new and used, from about $17.00

I’ll admit when I first saw the title of this book, I thought “Oh joy abounding, yet another list.” Wrong, very wrong. Brother Creason has put together a joy of a book. Its great charm is in its narrative style. He doesn’t list famous American Freemasons, he tells you about them, in a way which even keeps you guessing for a while as to the subject of each sketch. His research has unearthed information not in the usual biographies, or at least not presented in such a compelling way. Each sketch runs about five to seven pages, and you will find good humor and honest respect for his subjects. The entries are grouped under the classifications of American Patriots, American Presidents, Military Men, American Entertainers, and American Legends. Under American Legends, as an example, you will find The Explorers, The Equalizer, The Empresario, The Old Scout, and The Aviator. It’s a lot of fun to read these biographical sketches, but they are addictive—you always want to read just one more. Incidentally, this would make a great educational series for Lodge meetings. Each one is short enough to be read in a meeting and gripping enough that the Brethren would be sure to enjoy it. Give a copy to yourself for Christmas, and buy a second one for the Lodge, and a third to give to your local public library.

~James T. Tresner II, 33°, Grand Cross, Book Review Editor

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