Ansar Shrine: It's All About the Kids

It was my great priviledge on Saturday, along with twelve others, to become a Noble in the Ansar Shrine (that's me, fourth from the right).  Ansar Shrine was chartered in 1915, and of the 193 Shrine Temples, Ansar was the 136th to be chartered, but it has grown to be the 17th largest in size. 

Meeting Ansar Potentate Scott Shuette
It was great fun, and I not only knew a lot of the members there, but I met a lot of new friends as well.  They put on a fantastic lunch, catered by one of the best BBQ places in town--the Hickory River Smokehouse

I'm really looking forward to being involved.  I've been writing about Famous American Freemasons for years, and over and over again, I've noted just how many of those men were members of the Shrine.  There's a reason for that.  The Shriner's are all about helping kids.  The Shriners Hospitals are one of the best examples of what Freemasonry is all about.  And I heard it over and over again on Saturday--it's all about the kids.

Looking forward to spending some time learning more about the work the Shriner's do, and getting more involved.  And of course, I'll be spending a little time with the Illini Shrine Club right here close to home. 

And by the way--you guys were right.  The wife loves the fez!


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