Why Is Masonry Still Important?

by Midnight Freemason Contributor
WB Adam Thayer

Why is Masonry still important in modern society? It’s a very personal question, of course, and the answers I’ll provide are not necessarily the same as the ones you would give. Still, I believe we can provide the most common answers, bearing in mind that they are not necessarily the “right” answers for everyone.
First, Masonry provides a structured framework for personal growth. After all, our lectures can be divided into two categories: those that teach history, and those that teach methods of self-improvement. It’s so integral to our society that it is one of the first things a candidate hears during the questions and answers; to paraphrase, we ask “Where did you come from?” immediately followed by “Why are you here?”. For those who spend the time to study the ritual, we are provided with a metaphorical toolbox that we can use to improve every aspect of our lives. All it takes is for us, as the master workman, to apply those tools. They don’t do any good if they’re left sitting in the box!
Second, Masonry brings us fellowship with men from all strata of society, which frequently turns into lifelong friendships. We come together, the young and the old, the rich and the poor, with a common goal, and a common starting point: the initiatic experience that we have each undergone. No matter what experiences we have had outside the lodge, within its walls we all had the same common starting point: blinded, half dressed, and destitute, knocking on the door for admission.
Masonry provides a chance to learn leadership skills. Now, this may not apply to everyone, but it’s been my experience that if you are looking to hone your leadership skills, there is a position available for you. Masonry won’t make a bad leader into a good one, any more than it will turn a bad man into a good man, however for those who have an interest in improving their leadership abilities, the lodge is one of the best places to do so. Where else will you find a large group of other leaders who are willing to share their experience and advice with you?
Masonry gives you an avenue to give back to the world you live in. Masons in the United States donate an estimated $1.4 million daily, or approximately $1 billion every 2 years. That is money that we could have kept in our pockets, or within our lodges, but instead have decided to wisely invest in making our world a better place.
Again, you surely have more reasons than these four, they represent just enough to (hopefully) get you talking more amongst yourselves about what Masonry has done for you. If you cannot answer the question for yourself, how will you ever answer for a potential candidate? As for me, Masonry has made me a better husband, a better father, a better employee, a better friend, a better citizen, and most importantly a better man.

  1. Other than those listed what have you gotten out of Masonry?
  2. It is often said that you get out of Masonry what you put into it. Have you found this to be accurate?

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  1. "Other than those listed what have you gotten out of Masonry?"

    Laughs, lots of laughs. Laughs at table Lodge, laughs at Festive Board, laughs before meetings, laughs after meetings. One time while visiting another Lodge in the middle of a degree a seat failed and a Brother was deposited on the floor quite abruptly and the room erupted in laughter after a few seconds of dead silence. I think I've laughed more from Brothers outside of Lodge than I have from any television program the past few years.

    "It is often said that you get out of Masonry what you put into it. Have you found this to be accurate?"

    To some extent, you can put all you want into a dying Lodge and if at least a couple of others aren't you won't reap much from your efforts. If you spend time studying the Craft by looking at lecture/ritual or by reading books (Hey... http://www.TheMasonicBookClub.com or /r/MasonicBookClub on reddit! Come join us!) you are quite likely to better understand/find plenty of wisdom in what you are reading and apply it to both your life and those around you and then you absolutely get what you put into it!


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