Here We Go Again: Famous American Freemasons Volume III

I had a very productive weekend . . . I finished what is the hardest part of writing one of these books.  Coming up with the list of names of famous Freemasons I'm going to include.  My biggest concern with writing a third volume was that I thought I'd covered all the best Freemasons in the first two.  But I was wrong about that, and now that I have the list finished, I'm pretty excited about it. 

In the final volume, we'll take a trip to the moon, visit Hollywood during its heyday, peek in on the signers of the Declaration of Indepedence, and take in a show under the big top.  We'll visit Pennsylvania Avenue and Yankee Stadium.  Meet men that made their careers in the boxing ring, the recording studio and the golf course.  We'll even meet a giant from Virginia who weilded an enormous sword given to him by General George Washington himself.

So here we go again, another journey through the lives of thirty famous American Freemasons.  As one of the famous Freemasons on my list once said, "Damn the torpedoes . . . full speed ahead!"

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