Did You Know You Can Read Nook and Kindle Books On Your iPhone?

I just got the Nook iPhone Application so I can access my Nook e-books from my iPod Touch.  It took a few seconds to download the App, and within a minutes, my whole Barnes and Noble e-library was available on my iPod.  The Nook iPhone Application has many of the same features the Nook E-reader has, like being able to increase or decrease the font size.  It's pretty cool.  I thought the text would be too small to read comfortably, but actually, it's not bad at all.  It will be perfect in those situations when I get stuck waiting somewhere unexpectedly, and need something to occupy my time.  And the thing I like about the Nook app, is that the e-library synchronizes across all the devices I read on.  So if I read a few chapters on my iPod or PC at lunch, later on, when I get home and pick up my Nook, it's going to know what page I left off on.

It's much easier and more comfortable to read e-books on the Nook or Kindle because that's what they were made for, but there is one thing I can do on the iPod I can't do on the Nook or Kindle--I can read in the dark.  It's back lit, so if I'm in a low light situation, it's a perfect substitute for the Nook. 

I've talked a lot about the Nook, because that's what I have, but Kindle has the same app for iPhone, and it works the same way with your Amazon e-book library.  Nook Apps and Kindle Apps are also available for iPad, Android, and Blackberry--all are free downloads.  You can also get Nook and Kindle Apps for your PC or Mac. 

Both of my Famous American Freemasons books, and the new novel One Last Shot are available for Nook and Kindle.  You can get them for Kindle by going to my Author Page on Amazon.com, or for Nook by going to my Barnes & Noble listing at bn.com.


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