Fun Saturday At The Pork and Apple Festival In Clinton, Illinois

It doesn't get much better than this.  Sitting on the ground on a cool Fall afternoon, eating a bowl of beans simmered in cast iron pots over a wood fire, and wearing a goofy hat while listening to bluegrass music played by a group that really knows how to play it.

This was only the second year we visited the Pork and Apple Festival, but it's already one of my favorite festivals--the food wins hands down.  Of all the festival foods, I look forward to those beans most of all.  I don't know what the secret ingredient is, but they are fantastic.  And I must admit, those ham sandwiches are really good too.  I'd have to say, however, the pork chop sandwichs served by the Lion's Club at the Arcola Broomcorn Festival is right towards the top of my list too.

It was a beautiful day to spend out with the family.  I didn't find many Masonic collectibles, but Valerie knocked a huge hole in the craft supply, and Katie particularly enjoyed the petting zoo.  I made a new discovery as well.

We visited the town square before we left, and while Valerie and Katie were shopping, I saw a little coffee shop, and paid it a visit.  You ever have a beverage that was so good you're still thinking about it three days later?  That was my experience there. The coffee shop was called "The Loft" and it was a really neat little place with a gorgeous brass expresso machine. I found them on Facebook later on, and discovered the woman that made me that fantastic Mocha was the owner, Amanda.  That Mocha alone made it worth the hour drive to Clinton for me (of course I got very little of it once Valerie tasted it). 

So I guess after our second fun trip to the festival in Clinton, it's now destined to become a part of our regular fall festival rotation--of course if you eat two bowls of those beans while you're there like I did, you might want to roll the window down on your way home.


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