My Illustrious Journey To Chicago

Michael Brandenburg, Scott Niccum
& Todd Creason before degree ceremony
Along with two others from the Scottish Rite Valley of Danville, Illinois I received the 33rd and Last Degree from the Scottish Rite Supreme Council NMJ on Tuesday at the historic Merle Reskin Theatre in Chicago. There are not adequate words to describe my experience there. It was an incredible moment that I’ll never forget—both moving and humbling. I was fortunate to be part of a small group that was called up on stage to receive my ring. It was a great honor to be ringed by the Illustrious Robert O. Ralston, 33°.

And I’ll never forget at the dinner afterwards, when Valerie and I were introduced for the first time as “The Illustrious Todd E. Creason, 33° and Lady Valerie.” What an incredible journey Freemasonry has taken me on.

Valerie & I at Illinois Dinner
It was an amazing weekend. I met new friends, ate great food, and enjoyed a lot of laughter—especially after the Illustrious William J. Hussey, Jr. 33° arrived. I’d like to thank everyone at the Valley of Danville for affording me this tremendous honor. I’d also like to thank those that came along on the trip from the Valley of Danville and helped make it so memorable—John Larsen, 33°, Brian Pettice, 33°, Jerry Askren, 33°, Paul Noerenberg, 33°, William J. Hussey, 33°, Doug Goodwine, 33°, James L. Tungate, 33°, Noel C. Dicks, 33°, and Bruce Rhinehart, 33°. I hope I didn’t forget anybody.

Mike Brandenburg and I seem kinda
relieved--don't we?
I’d also like to congratulate the other two newly ringed Brothers from Valley of Danville—the Illustrious Michael Brandenburg, 33° and Lady Pam, and the Illustrious Scott Niccum and Lady Marie.

Most especially, I’d like to thank all of you that have read my books. I never dreamed when I started writing that it would snowball into anything like this. Those books have opened many doors for me, and afforded me some very unique opportunities, and it’s because of the support and enthusiasm of my friends and Brothers, and my faithful readers.

Thank you all.

~TEC, 33°

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