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  1. Worthy Brethren to the West. What great energy you have produced for the Craft. If there is anything I can do to expand your efforts, ask and you shall receive.What can I do to assist.? The Worldwide Exemplification of Freemasonry Lecture Endorsed by the Indiana Grand Lodge F&AM has delivered in excess of 1,450,000 presentations to 150 countries with 250 embeds. 7.24.365...You are welcome to embed the entire series for your viewers.I would be very happy to receive video presentations in HD-BD formats from your members of the Craft.
    Albert H McClelland, O.S.M.,PM

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    1. Thanks. I looked at the 'free samples' on Amazon. Excellent stuff! Do they teach this stuff in the Freemasons? Thought you guys were gagged.

  3. SSG Emanuel Alvarez V
    If you have to ask one to be one. I am asking.

  4. Just found your blog from a Facebook post. I enjoy the stories your contributors have posted. I looks like I will be regular reader. Very entertaining and informative. Bro. Dean Larsen, JS, Dominion Lodge #117 Edmonton Alberta Canada. Capital City Chapter#13 RAM and Edmonton Chapter of The Order of DeMolay (Chapter Advisor (Dad))

  5. I'm a member of a number of M... bodies and a PM of my Lodge: Beth horon in MA. I am a senior member of the Sanctum Sanctorum blog. How can I join the Midnight Masons? Can't seem to get much sleep anyway...

  6. I wanted to call your attention to a new book, just released, by Sheldon Munn entitled "Freemasons at Gettysburg"

    1. Lawrence, I will have to check that out! Thank you very much for letting me know about it!


  7. I'm walking blind if anyone sees this point me in the right direction. I'm in Bakersfield California originally from San Fernando California.

  8. How do I join the lodge in my area? West Indies

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  11. Does anyone know of any findings on Freemasonry during the "wild west" period? There are write ups during the Civil War and such but there is nothing that I can find on the Wild West. I believe there is a short documentary on this but no actual findings when you search "Freemasonry and the Wild West".
    On another note, I enjoy reading all your stories.

  12. I have never been disappointed in this site, and am grateful to all contributors. Contemplative, timely, valuable, meaningful. Well worth every minute I spend reading.

  13. First, the positive...

    I always enjoy receiving the contributions of the contributing editors of Midnight Freemasons. I always find them intriguing and informative; lots of educational material is contained from the Brothers of many years. So much so that I generally use all or part of the article (with proper credit to the contributing Brother) in our Lodge Trestle Board.

    Now for the negative... I must take issue with W:. Robert H. Johnson, PM in his latest contribution, "Did George Washington Break His Obligation?". W:. Johnson is either unaware of history or is forgetting the true definition of "treason".

    First, W:. Johnson makes the assumption (takes the position of?) that any form of revolt is treasonous. This is a mistake many have made and still make when considering abuse of powers and rule of law. To those in power, it may be considered "treason" while those fighting and striving for freedom from tyranny anything but. Treason can and is justly interpreted as being the forceful assault on those in power and can involve the divulgence of "secret" information. To say that the Masonic Founding Fathers violated their obligation is to assume that they were in service to the Crown and were privy to assumed "secret" information. Such could not be further from the truth. Brother George Washington, nor the Founding Fathers, held no such privilege therefore they could not be held for treason in that regard.

    Second, armed revolt is being labeled as "treason" which is also incorrect and conditional. The role of treason in armed revolt borders on what is considered "civil war" or a struggle for independence. In a "civil" war, you have two or more parties fighting for control of the same government; basically to OVERTHROW the established party in power. In a "war for independence" you have one group desiring to THROW OFF and separate itself from the existing bonds and create it's own government and national identity. The first paragraph of our own Declaration of Independence even defines this.

    In our War for Independence, we were fighting to throw off King George's rule; not to overthrow the thrown. All we wanted was to be left alone and to create our own Nation independent of the rule of England. There was absolutely no desire among the bulk of our Founding Fathers to take the war to England and wage it on English soil. We were simply fighting to force England out of the Colonies and pry off the King's grip.

    We saw this same type of war 80 years later when the exact same kind of war was waged here among our own Sovereign States. The Southern States had no desire to over throw the established rule in Washington but wanted to simply be left alone and to maintain it's own National identity. We all know how that ended; don't we? We lost our Constitution and Republic at the end of that war. EVERY SINGLE ISSUE we are faced with today can be linked directly back to that war and the loss of our Republic and Constitution. Go figure!

    Was George Washington guilty of treason and violating his obligation? I think not but rather he and all of our Masonic Founders were actually in keeping with it!



    Kevin Spargur, 32°, PM/PP
    Duval Lodge No. 159, F&AM
    Assistant Secretary
    Southside OES #28
    Knights Templar York Rite

  14. Bro. Kevin,

    Allow me to thank you for the feedback. I'll retort with one main fact. We were under British rule, subjects of the Americas were subject to the king.

    If the brothers of the age took an obligation it would have included something similar to the following:

    “…Also, you shall be a true liege man to the King without treason, or falsehood, and that you shall know no treason, but that you mend it and you may, or else warn the King of his council thereof…”

    On October 27, 1775, King George III speaks before both houses of the British Parliament to discuss growing concern about the rebellion in America, which he viewed as a traitorous action against himself and Great Britain. He began his speech by reading a “Proclamation of Rebellion” and urged Parliament to move quickly to end the revolt and bring order to the colonies.

    Treason was defined as (one of them anyway) "3. "If a man do levy war against our lord the king in his realm"

    Since the Americas were part of the First British Empire, this is and was treason.

    Treason was defined by English law in the 1351 act that was and still is in force. At that point all that was needed to commit the offence was 'a man do levy war against the king in his realm'. As the colonists accepted that they were part of the King's realm before they declared independence and they levied war against him then yes they were traitors. They knew this and they knew the consequences of defeat, which is one of the reasons they fought so hard.


    Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with my position here, we wouldn't be the first to reach an impasse. The debate on whether the Declaration of Independence was an act of Treason is hotly debated.

    I will respectfully agree to disagree with you on this, Brother.

    Robert Johnson, PM
    Waukegan Lodge No. 78 AF&AM
    Grand Lodge of IL Education Committee
    DEO 1st NE District, IL
    York Rite
    et al

    1. To be respected, the law must be respectable.

  15. I wanted to say thank you and congratulate you on putting together such a great blog. Every month at lodge I produce an education pamphlet and give a quick presentation I was hoping you would allow me to use some of your work in these presentations. I will of course give credit where credit is due.

    Thank you,
    Spur Lodge #1023 Texas

  16. A solid page. Excellent content. I am looking to contribute what will be weekly Masonic blogs to appropriate sites. A sample is below and I hope we can discuss it. Happy New Year.

  17. Up here in cold Minnesota, I try to run a weekly fellowship and education session on Saturday mornings. Br. Johnson's most recent essay about Masonic Education is precisely a problem that I face weekly. It is easy enough when we have our semi-annual crop of candidates. We can easily talk about the ins and outs of each degree's ritual and what the various symbols mean. We let the candidates one-on-one with one of us in the larger group when it comes to coaching the candidate on the catechism for each degree.

    The real problem happens following the MM degree or before the EA degree. I usually try to talk about the "right thing" to do, and to follow Br. George Washington's rules of conduct.

    Br. Voice of the Turtle
    Ron Parker PM, 33degree
    Wayzata Lodge #205
    Grand Lodge of Minnesota.

  18. This is a pome from Brother Andrew H Adams



    It doesn’t seem like years ago,
    But ah, alas, it’s true,
    I stood outside the door and knocked,
    And entered the Lodge called Blue.
    I never shall forget the night
    I received my first degree,
    What beautiful words, and wonderful friends
    I’d meet, when I had three.
    Then on to Fellowcraft, and Master Mason, me!
    To follow my dad’s footsteps,
    And a Worthy Mason be,
    But then I heard “You can go on,
    And gather much more light.
    There’s so much more that you can join
    You’ll be out every night”
    Petition and petition were hurled before my eyes,
    So I joined, and joined, and joined them all,
    I thought that it was wise!
    There were Ornaments and ceremonies,
    The like I’d never seen,
    I was presented now with headgear,
    The jeweled and the plain.
    Then one day I met a man who saw me join the Lodge,
    He asked if I’d been sick or ill
    “Haven’t seen you in awhile.”
    So one night I went back again
    To visit my Lodge of Blue,
    “It’s nice to be out here,” I said.
    “We’re glad to see you too.”
    I realized that the apron white
    I wore with pride that night,
    Meant more to me than any jewel,
    No matter what the might
    I guess it was my first love
    In my Masonic past,
    And when My Traveling days are o’re
    It will be also be my last.
    Where ‘ere my journey take me
    May I never once forget,
    The Lodge I joined while in me youth,
    Where the best of friends I met.
    Though “elected” and “appointed,”
    And heaped upon with praise,
    None shall ever mean as much
    As the night when I was raised.
    I often sit and contemplate,
    And wonder if it’s true
    If you, my Brethren, feel the same
    Of the Lodge that we call Blue.

    A. Henry Adams

    Presented To Gothic-Fraternal Lodge No. 270, F. & A.M.
    in Memory of Brother Andrew H. Adams
    Worthy Patron 2010 - 2011
    By Morning Star Chapter No. 22, OES of NJ

    He was Past Grand Tall of Trenton Forest # 4
    Worth Patron Of Mornibg Star 22 OES, NJ Trenton, NJ when he passed away

  19. My father was with Troise and his mandolins between 1931 & 1948, he played the Mando bass .

  20. I would like to get in contact with Brother Harrison. I read his article dated March 4th and would like to give him some more in sight in the POW/MIA movement from a family perspective.


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